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【世界OMEPより】「ECECと民営化」録画配信と調査依頼 (OMEPセミナー#5)


4月8日に行われたthe Seminar about ECCE and Privatizationが、公用3言語にて、OMEPの YouTube channel OmepWorldTVで配信中です。




Dear colleagues, The World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP) and the Right to Education Initiative (RTE) are launching a survey to map trends in privatization in ECCE and analyze the challenges it poses in protecting the rights of young children to early childhood care and education. The information collected will be used: · for the creation of awareness and knowledge about the role of private actors in education · to further identify the research areas in ECCE and Privatization · and, more importantly, for collective action towards promoting adequate public investment in ECCE We appreciate you taking 30 minutes or less of your valuable time to complete this survey at the link below by May 15, 2022: Please share with anyone you think would be interested in completing. You may choose to respond to the survey either in English, Spanish or French. Best regards, OMEP and Initiative for the Right to Education



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