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WPCOM_06 - Communication from World President (PDF)

1.  Press release from the presidency

  • コロナウイルスの現在の状況に関して、幼児期の健康への権利の保護と促進におけるOMEPの役割についてのコミュニケーションが公開されました。グローバルプロジェクトWASH FROM THE STARTに戻ることの重要性を強調しました。

2.  Virtual panel in the context of CIES 2020

3.  Meeting of the World Executive Committee

4.  World Projects

  • 4-1.  Second Newsletter about the ESD world project.

  • 4-2.  Invitation to OMEP members to participate in the education for sustainable development award.(OMEP日本委員会HPにて掲出)

  • 4-3.  Invitation to OMEP members to participate in: the 2nd annual competition for the sustainable development education, award competition for bachelor's and master's level students. (OMEP日本委員会HPにて掲出)

  • 4-4.  Invitation to OMEP members to participate in: ESD Travel Award and Outstanding Projects (OMEP日本委員会HPにて掲出)

5.  In other news

  • 5-1.  OMEP signed with other 64 human rights, humanitarian and civil society organizations, so that the States of the European Union (EU) relocate unaccompanied children in the Greek Islands as soon as possible to safer places.

  • 5-2.   OMEP and the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID 19): We have published a list of recommendations with platforms and activities to do at home with children.

  • 5-3.  A document about the Coronavirus pandemic has been published in the section "Emergency response"

  • 5-4.  World Water Day: we wanted to give relevance to this valuable liquid, and from OMEP we adhere to the slogan: Water and sanitation for all before 2030.

6.  Monday campaign on social networks

  • 6-1.  Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) was an influential Swiss educator, educator and reformer.

  • 6-2.  Friedrich Fröbel (1782 -1852), was a German pedagogue, creator of early childhood education and the concept of kindergarten.

  • 6-3.  Sisters Agazzi, Rosa (1866-1951) and Carolina Agazzi (1870-1945). Those who emphasized health habits.

7.  We join the CLADE (Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education) in the campaign for the education we need

  • 7-1.  States must guarantee budgets for education.

  • 7-2.  Educational evaluation. 

  • 7-3.  Ensure legal, political, institutional and budgetary frameworks for early childhood.

  • 7-4.  Universal coverage, accessibility and early childhood care without discrimination

8.  International Women's Day

  • A text and video have been published about the struggle of women not only for their rights, but also for a better society for all.


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