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WPCOM_07 - Communication from World President (PDF)

1. Postponement of the 2020 OMEP World Assembly and International Conference

2.   World Health Day

ーcommemorated in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Participation on the WEBINAR coordinated by the Inter-American Children’s Institute (IIN) and Organization of American States (OAS)

ーWhat can we adults do to mitigate the effects of isolation and confinement on the psychosocial development of the youngest children?”

4.  Communications from Regional Vice Presidents (VP)

5. World Projects

  • 5-1. Project leader newsletter 3

  • 5.2. New Scholar Award -New Deadline: May, 30th, 2020

  • 5.3. Color Your Rights -New deadline: December 18th, 2020

6. Virtual coffees of OMEP

  • ※5/19午後7時より、OMEP APR(OMEPアジア太平洋地域) のVirtual coffeeも企画されています。OMEP日本委員会HPのイベント欄ご覧ください。

7. Monday Campaign on social networks

8. We join the CLADE (Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education) in the campaign for the education we need

  • 8-1. Care and education with adequate infrastructure, which has accessibility, security and protection.

  • 8-2. Valorization and fair remuneration and appropriate initial and continuing training for educators and educators.

9. Campaign: COVID-19 more than a virus, in the framework of OMEP's world project, WASH from the START

  • 9-1. The State has the fundamental role of protecting Human Rights, the right to health and education, especially in early childhood.

  • 9-2. Confinement measures exacerbate problems of domestic violence.

  • 9-3. One of the great challenges is the inequality in access to water of vulnerable groups, among these groups the most punished are children.

10. Article "How to leave no one behind when school becomes the norm - thoughts from civil society"

11. Commemoration for earth day

12. In other news

  • 12.1. Children’s creativity in times of crisis

  • 12.2. OMEP signed with other 64 human rights, humanitarian and civil society organizations, so that the States of the European Union (EU) relocate unaccompanied children in the Greek Islands as soon as possible to safer places.




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